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Conference Season is Here!

If you’ve ever wondered where to find the next big thing in technology, look no further than CES. For years, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has brought together the latest and greatest technology from major electronics and retail providers.

CES 2020 was no different, with some of the largest corporations like Samsung, Sony, and Amazon showing their new products. Retail technology at CES has been growing the past years. Augmented reality, point of sales, and logistics were among the main technologies displayed, showing what retail is trending towards in the upcoming year.

Conferences held at CES focused on retail innovation as well. One major topic was the frequency of digital stores opening up physical locations due to a rise in digital advertising costs. This “new retail” is quickly growing in Asian markets and will soon make its way overseas to American markets.

National Retail Federation (NRF) will also be holding its annual conference in January. The entire retail community will gather in New York to discuss upcoming technologies and innovations. Silicon Road’s own Sid and Shaunish Mookerji will be in attendance! If you would like to meet up with them feel free to reach out to or

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