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Core Values

One of the first things we did as a team when I joined the fund at the start of 2020 was define our core values. We were prepared for fundraising to be a year long effort, one that would require us to dig deep and constantly iterate. Any time a group of fund managers gets together and raises a first fund as a group, it is often an arduous effort. We knew that there would be ups and downs, and so creating a common foundation of values was, arguably, the most important thing we did in 2020.

This was not done as a show or a wrap up slide in a pitch deck. Rather, we did this because we expected that fundraising would require us to hustle for extended periods of time. For multiple seasons, even. It was essential to know that we, together, had a common set of values to fall back on in times of stress. Since we built these values together and all subscribed to how we would handle ourselves, we developed trust in one another.

An organization without values is just a group of people. An organization with values where everyone has subscribed to them can be a force of growth. This is what we strive for. As a close-knit team, we know each of us holds close these 6 attributes. Knowing that each one of us is approaching a topic in good faith allows us to get right to point.

Our 6 core values are:

  1. Integrity - We do the right thing - always - in our actions and with transparency.

  2. Develop relationships - We invest time building relationships with investors, portfolio companies, and partners.

  3. Goal driven - We work with extreme hustle and measure SMART goals.

  4. Ownership - We keep each other accountable and operate with responsibility.

  5. Grit - We dig deep and celebrate intellectual curiosity and perseverance.

  6. Process focused - We are driven by data and building repeatable processes that scale.

We look for these attributes in not only our team, but also in our investors, strategic partners, and founders.

These values are one of the ways we build culture at Silicon Road. We know that culture is something intangible, but it must be invested in. Daily. In this industry there will be challenging days and weeks. In those tough times, teams that have strong values, culture, and ultimately trust are those that will thrive.

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