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#StartUpSpotlight: Zoox Smart Data

Our #StartUpSpotlight of the Day is Zoox Smart Data. Zoox leverages WiFi of existing networks to enable captive portal user engagement and location analytics. Zoox Smart Pass is a biometric face recognition technology which reduces check in friction and increases safety levels. Zoox Smart WiFi leverages existing networks with its white label cloud software that enables captive portal user engagement, location analytics and gives access to robust demographic and psychographic user datasets. Airports, retailers and more than 600 hotels are currently benefiting from Zoox’s solutions.

Beyond WiFi, they help build increasingly better experiences through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in different sectors such as hospitality, retail, transportation and more. Uniting connectivity with technology and innovation, they have taken their solutions to Atlanta, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, France and Lisbon. Zoox is part of the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech and its solutions work seamlessly with hardware from the world’s leading manufacturers.

To learn more about the Silicon Road Accelerator program, click here.

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