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Voice Technology is Leading Retail Innovation

According to Tech Crunch, voice technology is going to explode retail to $40 billion from $2 billion by 2022!

Both Google and Amazon have made it a priority to upgrade their voice assistants and to get them on as many devices as possible. Google Assistant is gaining a feature that allows you to more accurately schedule your smart home devices to perform actions at specific times. And, now also shop.

Amazon is trying to enhance the in-car features of Alexa. They have partnered with Exxon to eventually make paying for gas possible through Alexa enabled voice commands. Amazon has also partnered with BMW and Fiat Chrysler to bring their Fire TV on the go opening up even more Alexa opportunities.

These upgrades to voice assistants will continue to push the smart device category in the upcoming year impacting the way consumers will use voice to interact with retailers and other industries.

Retailers are now working diligently to take advantage of the new emerging technology, while staying true to a visual brand experience.

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